KickStart International


KickStart International ( is a non-profit Social Enterprise with a mission to lift millions of people out of poverty Quickly, Cost-effectively and Sustainably.

KickStart succeeds in this by designing and selling Durable, High Quality yet affordable, “MoneyMaker” Branded Irrigation Pumps that enable small scale farmers grow, harvest and sell high value crops all year round.

KickStart believes that the number one need of the poor is a way to make more money. KickStart identifies high potential small-scale business opportunities that have the potential for creating millions of highly profitable new family businesses, then designs, mass-produces and mass-markets the tools and equipment required to start these businesses

Farmers who purchase KickStart technologies increase their incomes substantially within a year. With more income they can achieve a better life: plentiful and nutritious food; education for their children and healthcare for their families

Since 1991 Kickstart has been able to sell over 325,000 MoneyMaker Irrigation Pumps. These pumps have been used to create over 244,000 business opportunities at the same time helping lifting over 1.22 Million women, men and children across Africa out of poverty.